Practical and compact, our roof anchors are compatible with all types of modern rooftops.

Be safe with roof anchors from JPB

Our roof anchors offer all the benefits of an industry-certified fall restraint protection system with added practicality: it works with all types of modern roofs. Featuring minimal penetration thanks to anchor plates that bolt onto the surface, this mechanical system protects the integrity of your roof panels because it does not touch the structure or the beams.

Compact and inconspicuous, these anchors are much more effective than traditional methods. Featuring an integrated energy absorber, they are calibrated at a predetermined load, which keeps the maximum load transmitted to the roof at 10 kN.

Moreover, roof anchors are very important for the safety of your employees and to conform to the various laws in effect for work at height.

Benefit from our expertise

Les Équipements JPB guarantees quick and efficient installation by certified installers. Roof anchor plates are guaranteed weather-resistant. In conjunction, the lifeline with trolley system provides enhanced mobility and fluid movement for workers as it allows them to cross over supports more easily.

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From providing your industrial safety system right through to training your employees how to use it, Les Équipements JPB offers turn-key projects and drives every stage of the project: design, development, installation and use.

Whether you require a lifeline, safety/debris netting, roof anchors, load testing or any other product listed on this site, Les Équipements JPB installs the best system to guarantee your safety during work at heights.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, the highly-skilled and competent Équipements JPB team can offer you personalized consulting services and fall protection solutions to meet your needs.