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Before thinking about the installation of a fall protection system for work at height, have you considered all of the available prevention options?

1- Eliminate risk at the source source

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to avoid falls is to not work at heightr. Is it possible to modify the way you work so that more things are done on the ground? For example, could you assemble certain elements on the ground before installing them at height with a crane? You and your employees know best which solution will work at your workplace.

2- Prioritize fall prevention equipment

If working at heights is unavoidable, you should first consider prevention systems such as guardrails or lifting equipment such as articulated lifts and aerial work platforms.

If none of these solutions apply to your situation, our experts will be able to recommend the equipment best suited to your needs. Contact us for a quote by filling the form below.

3- Develop collective fall protection solutions tailored to your specific business needs and the workers on the production line.

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Horizontal Rigid Rail and Trolley

Click a diagram to see a larger version.

Rigid Rail Diagram lateral view

Girder Dimensions



A (C-C)

B (C-C)


LG Rail

D *

* Note : Clearance : min 3″, max 12″ without reinforcements.
Clearance larger than 12″ is possible with reinforcements.

Vertical Profile Dimensions









Bottom Profile Dimensions







Rooftop freestanding guardrails

Please fill in the fields related to freestanding guardrails.

Lifeline or fixed anchor

Our expert’s preliminary visit includes measurements, a meeting with the users to determine the specific needs of your work practices and a complete engineering drawing with installation and manufacturing details.

Service fee: $4,900 (Montreal and surrounding areas)

Coût de ce services : 4,900.00 $ (Montréal et environs).

Structural verification and calculations of the building are available upon request.

Purchase of Traction Testers (Hydrajaws)

  • Accessories, componants, adapters, pressure gauges, distribution brudges available on request.
  • Training on use of these devices available on request.
  • Calibration, inspection and seal replacement :
    $650.00 per device.
  • Device repear available on request.
  • Services to perform tensile tests (pull-out or load) on anchors.
    Price per anchor : $220.00 + travel.
  • Report with signed and sealed engineer’s seal available on request.


Enter any additional information you deem pertinent or important for the evaluation of your project here then send your request.

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