Proof-load anchor device system

Load verifications guarantee the reliability and safety of your installations.

We can certify the safety of your equipment and/or inform you of any necessary adjustments that must be made through our load testers that determine the force of material, adhesives or any other support used in construction and civil engineering applications.

Proof-load anchor device system
Proof-load anchor device system


Our load testing equipment is among the most technically-advanced in the world. Certified and calibrated annually, our devices are portable and can be adapted to all mounting systems. Furthermore, they can perform load tests up to 30 kN on lifeline system crimping and up to 145 kN on mechanical or chemical anchors and fasteners.

When you count on Les Équipements JPB’s load testing expertise on a wide array of anchors and mounting systems, you can be guaranteed of an extremely safe and reliable installation. What’s more, as a safety/engineering specialist, we create made-to-measure solutions for the particular needs of various industrial and manufacturing applications.

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