Expertise and design

Our plan design service allows you to visualize the final configuration of your industrial safety system.


For more than 15 years, Les Équipements JPB has drawn upon its vast expertise to realize numerous industrial safety projects a variety of activity sectors: aluminum plants, port facilities, adhesive strip laboratories, industrial warehouses, railcar maintenance workshops, dielectric testing labs, distribution centres, pharmaceutical facilities, and institutional establishments.
The world’s longest lifeline
The knowledge and skills acquired through these diverse challenges over the years have resulted in personalized consulting and support services that our clients can count on. Furthermore, we have developed a particular expertise in product design, including our rigid rail fall arrest system, which is entirely made in Quebec. All of our projects receive our complete attention and commitment, with client safety and satisfaction being our ultimate goal.
Among our many successful projects, we are proud to include the production of the world’s longest lifeline on a water supply pipeline.


For each project, Les Équipements JPB offers a plan and specifications design service so that you may visualize the final configuration of your installation.

Design & expertise

The layout includes the following steps :

  • 3D and 2D computer drawings, in Autocad and/or Solidworks;
  • Customized part shop drawings;
  • Update, correction and as-built of existing drawings;
  • Final drawings signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

3D renderings greatly help clients to understand the proposed solution by providing them with an overall view of the elements required to assemble the safety system. What’s more, this approach also helps to foresee any problems or obstacles that may arise during installation. The following plan illustrates an example of installation innovation: we had to create a customized support system for the space in order to attach a safety net to shield the dielectric/mechanical testing lab.

Our Products

Horizontal Rigid Rail and Trolley

Horizontal rigid rail and trolley

Our horizontal rigid rail fall arrest system provides active fall restraint/arrest protection.

Elevated Work Platform

Rigid rail on elevated work platforms

Our rigid rail system offers protection and mobility in a wide range of applications.



Extremely reliable, our rooftop lifeline system guarantees continuous protection against falls.

Freestanding guardrail

Rooftop Freestanding Guardrails

Versatile and easy to install, our self-supporting modular guardrails are a cost-effective way to protect workers against falls from a height.

Roof Anchor

Roof anchors

Practical and compact, our roof anchors are compatible with all types of modern rooftops.

Safety / debris netting

Safety / debris netting

Solid and resistant, our safety/debris netting secures your workplace by creating a protective barrier against potentially dangerous falling objects.

Proof-load anchor device system

Proof-load anchor device system

Load verifications guarantee the reliability and safety of your installations.

Safety harness

Safety Harness / Fall Protection Equipment

Several models of Full Body Safety Harnesses, harness accessories, lanyards with shock absorbers, rope lanyards, web lanyards, self-retractable lifelines, rescue equipment, rope and cable graps, lifeline assemblies.

Turn-Key Projects

From providing your industrial safety system right through to training your employees how to use it, Les Équipements JPB offers turn-key projects and drives every stage of the project: design, development, installation and use.

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