Extremely reliable, our rooftop lifeline system guarantees continuous protection against falls.

Our discrete and unobtrusive lifeline system ensures continuous protection for workers operating in elevated environments. The system’s innovative design allows workers to travel freely around 90-degree corners and at angles.

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How it works

The easy-glide trolley rolls effortlessly over the intermediary cable supports for fluid, hands-free movement. Furthermore, the trolley is also offered in a removable version that can be unhooked from any position along the cable system.


Entirely manufactured of 316-marine grade stainless steel, the cable system is ultra-resistant and durable. Mounting components offered by Les Équipements JPB are selected according to the type of construction. This system comes with an energy absorbing device to reduce stress on the anchors.


When you count on Les Équipements JPB’s fall protection expertise, you are guaranteed a solid and reliable safety system. As a safety/engineering specialist, we create made-to-measure solutions for industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications.

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