Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses and Equipment

Les Équipements JPB Inc. offers a large array of safety equipments for fall protection.

Several models of Full Body Safety Harnesses, harness accessories, lanyards with shock absorbers, rope lanyards, web lanyards, self-retractable lifelines, rescue equipment, rope and cable graps, lifeline assemblies.

Safety harness
Safety Harness

Fall Restraint Work Equipment

We also offer a variety of roof anchors, industrial anchors, I-beam anchors, cross arm straps, anchor slings or staps, concrete anchor staps, carabiners, anchorage connectors and many other fall protection components.

In addtion, permanent cable ladder system with a fall arrester and other safety access components are also available.

CSA-Compliant Harnesses and Equipment

We specialize in designing and installing permanent Lifeline Systems, either cable or aluminum horizontal rigid rail system. In addition temporary synthetic rope cable or stainless cable lifeline systems are available.

All of the fall protection products offered in this section complies to CSA standards.

Harness Safety and Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training is a service included on all of our Fall Arrest/Restraint System Projects.

Fall Arrest Harness - Product Images

Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses that Comply with Canadian Standards

Our full-body safety harnesses are specifically designed to provide optimal protection in the event of a fall, and they meet or exceed all CSA standards. With a variety of different accessories available, we have everything you need to customize your fall arrest system to suit your specific needs.

  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Comfortable, lightweight and adjustable
  • Variety of uses – construction, industrial, mining, etc.

Whether you’re working at heights on construction sites or in other hazardous environments, Équipments JPB has you covered.

Safety Harness / Fall Protection Equipment

Other products that might interest you

Safety / debris netting

Safety / debris netting

Solid and resistant, our safety/debris netting secures your workplace by creating a protective barrier against potentially dangerous falling objects.

Roof Anchor and Lifeline


Extremely reliable, our rooftop lifeline system guarantees continuous protection against falls.

Elevated Work Platform

Rigid rail on elevated work platforms

Rigid rail system offering protection and mobility.

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