Solid and resistant, our safety/debris netting secures your workplace by creating a protective barrier against potentially dangerous falling objects.

Protect your employees from debris

Our safety/debris netting guarantees worker safety by providing a protective barrier against potentially dangerous falling objects. Furthermore, they guard against product loss or damage. Manufacturing environments can sometimes result in serious injury or put workers’ lives in danger; an appropriate netting system is required to improve workplace and employee safety.

The most efficient netting for your safety

Made of polypropylene monofilament, one of the most technologically-advanced materials in the industry, netting from Les Équipements JPB is of the highest quality. Certified fireproof according to industry standard NFPA 701-, this lightweight netting is incredibly sturdy and offers superior resistance to abrasions, humidity and a number of chemical agents. Netting can be used in a multitude of applications, including industrial manufacturing, dielectric testing labs, distribution centres, hydro-electric facilities and more.

Les Équipements JPB offers a wide range of netting in an array of sizes and colours to suit any number of applications. Whether you require fall protection, conveyors, barriers, debris containment or pallet use, all of our products are installed with the necessary parts and/or supports to suit your needs.

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From providing your industrial safety system right through to training your employees how to use it, Les Équipements JPB offers turn-key projects and drives every stage of the project: design, development, installation and use.

Filet de sécurité - DNR 800 - Équipements JPB 

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Filet de sécurité - N820H - Équipements JPB

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Whether you require a lifeline, safety/debris netting, roof anchors, load testing or any other product listed on this site, Les Équipements JPB installs the best system to guarantee your safety during work at heights.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, the highly-skilled and competent Équipements JPB team can offer you personalized consulting services and fall protection solutions to meet your needs.