Our rigid rail system offers protection and mobility in a wide range of applications, some of which might even surprise you. For example, rigid rail systems can even be installed on the railing of elevated platforms, with or without extension decks – an application specially developed for one of our clients. In fact, given the client’s safety and mobility needs, our team evaluated many different options, arriving at the solution of adapting the rigid rail system to fit different Skyjack platforms.


The photos speak for themselves: the rail system integrates seamlessly, without hindering the equipment extension or workers’ movements. Workers can now move about more freely than ever before and can get down to the task at hand. 


This is but one of the many ways to customize this system to any particular context. The slim rail design makes installation in restricted spaces a snap, and the 16-wheel trolley ensures smooth movement and transitions, no matter the position. As such, the system can be customized and easily integrated to suit a variety of working environments.


Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.




From providing your industrial safety system right through to training your employees how to use it, Les Équipements JPB offers turn-key projects and drives every stage of the project: design, development, installation and use.

Rail rigide - Équipement JPB 

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