Our horizontal rigid rail fall arrest system provides active fall restraint/arrest protection.

During work at a height, our horizontal rigid rail fall arrest system provides active fall restraint/arrest protection. It is designed to shorten fall distance with a minimum of repair following the incident (only the section of the rail subjected to the fall impact must be replaced, as compared to a cable system with energy absorber(s) that must be replaced in its entirety following a fall).


Made of high-grade structural aluminum alloy, one of the strongest and most durable in its class, rails offered by Les Équipements JPB are entirely manufactured in Quebec through us, from the mould through to extrusion. We even offer our own custom aluminum extruded mounting plates, which insert easily into slots on the back of the rail for perfectly aligned rails at all times.

The horizontal rigid rail trolley created by Les Équipements JPB slides easily along the track thanks to 16 high-quality Delrin® resin wheels strategically positioned for effortless movement and enhanced mobility. The trolley requires no adjustment or pulling– it rolls easily, following the worker’s movement. Supports can be placed up to 12 feet apart.

This industrial safety system is comprised of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy custom-extruded double-slotted rigid rail and a support plate of the same material that slides into the rail for enhanced support and strength. Our rail system is also offered with a clear, anodized protective coating for use in corrosive or chemical environments.

*All of our parts are covered by a lifetime guarantee.*




From providing your industrial safety system right through to training your employees how to use it, Les Équipements JPB offers turn-key projects and drives every stage of the project: design, development, installation and use.

Horizontal rigid tail and trolley

Whether you require a lifeline, safety/debris netting, roof anchors, load testing or any other product listed on this site, Les Équipements JPB installs the best system to guarantee your safety during work at heights.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, the highly-skilled and competent Équipements JPB team can offer you personalized consulting services and fall protection solutions to meet your needs.