Freestanding Guardrails, A Winning Solution!

A freestanding guardrail is crucial to fall protection, especially on rooftops. Cost-effective and efficient, this type of system offers an undeniable advantage for unanchored work at heights because it allows workers to move around freely and safely.

Security Advantages

Most guardrail systems feature L-shaped bases, with the part on the ground attached to the counterbalance weight sometimes measuring as long as the system is high. The result: the space is cluttered and installation possibilities are greatly reduced. That’s why we have developed our guardrail system differently, with straight, centred feet and bases that do not exceed 16 inches in length. As such, workers can walk along the guardrail system without having to step over anything or worry about tripping over system components.

You’ve guessed it, our product isn’t like any other. Modular and adaptable to multiple environments, it installs quickly without the need to perforate, penetrate, drill or alter the roof structure in any way. You put it where you want it – that’s it. For gravel rooftops, we use UltraLite™ concrete pads with an engineered polystyrene core to protect your roof surface and to ensure stability.  For all other types of membrane rooftops, we use special neoprene cushions to safeguard your roof surface by acting as a protective barrier between the roof membrane and the guardrail foot component.

Solid and Durable Installations

Our guardrail system is as lightweight as it is robust, thanks to 1.9-inch rails made of tough schedule 40-series 6061 T6 aluminum alloy tubing, the most break-resistant in its class. Rails connect with aluminum-magnesium 535 cast fittings screwed tightly in place; we offer all types and for all angles. What’s more, our guardrail system offers an additional vertical tube to reinforce each section mid-way between the feet, which are firmly grounded by bases and stainless steel counterbalance weights. Furthermore, our system is highly resistant to rust and to inclement weather. So much so, in fact, that during annual inspections of our systems, even we have been surprised by how well they stand up to the elements and don’t show signs of wear. They are in such good shape, you’d think that they were installed yesterday!

Higher Standard that the Average

Of course, our guardrail system surpasses CNESST strength criteria and complies with Canadian National Building Code standards.  And, if you require, our guardrails can be attached to structures like a walkway or to the ground thanks to specially-designed bases.

In conclusion? Thanks to its incredible versatility and price/quality ratio, our fall protection system truly offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers.

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