Fall Protection Equipment Expertise and Design

When it comes to industrial safety, fall protection tops the list. Worker safety must be your number one priority if you want to keep your daily operations running smoothly. Industrial warehouses, service workshops, factories, distribution centres, port facilities…no matter your working environment, industrial safety requires specialized knowledge and skills.

To begin, a comprehensive workplace evaluation is required to determine the most effective fall protection system for your environment. Performed by a team of engineers, this type of evaluation must include an ideal design that not only meets safety standards, but also your specific needs. Consulting engineers are dedicated to developing solutions tailored to meet the individual specifications of your premises and requirements.

Expertise in Fall Protection Equipment

It is in your best interest to trust the design of individual fall arrest equipment to experienced professionals who have the knowledge and skill to offer personalized consulting services. They will be able to provide you with detailed plans that will exactly suit your industrial safety needs.


Your engineer must submit a complete quote so that you fully understand all elements of the project. As such, you will be able to visualize the final configuration of the fall prevention and safety system.

In short, to be complete, the layout must include the following items:

  • 2D and 3D computer renderings;
  • Customized part drawings, if required;
  • Update and/or correction phase;
  • Final drawings signed by a qualified engineer.

In particular, 3D design drawings will help you to understand the proposed solution. Thanks to the three-dimensional aspect of these renderings, it is easier to visualize all the elements required to set up a safety system for your workplace.


Whether you need lifelines, safety nets or anchor systems, your equipment must be adapted to your needs so as to ensure worker safety. Look to a consulting engineer service for turn-key projects that include all stages of fall protection equipment design for work at height.

This way, you are sure that the design, development and installation of your industrial safety systems will be carried out according to current safety standards and to your needs. By working directly with fall protection equipment specialists for work at height, you can benefit from a training program for your employees on the use of the installed industrial safety systems.

What’s more, the installation of each safety system can be planned according to your availability by following set timelines. A turn-key industrial safety system project will be set up quickly and efficiently so as to avoid any interruptions to your daily operations or productivity.

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