Is Focused Training Available for Fall Protection Equipment?

A fall prevention program is one of the primary systems which should be put in place by an employer for all employees working at heights. When workers are furnished with Les Équipements JPB’s fall protection equipment, you are able to control and reduce the risk of injury and potential fatality.

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Les Équipements JPB Inc.,
10 December at 12:00AM

How Working at Heights With Guardrails Increases Protection and Minimizes Risk?

Falls at the workplace can happen at any time, especially when working at heights. Workers are exposed to very real risk on a daily basis – thus the importance of working at heights with guardrails.

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Les Équipements JPB Inc.,
06 August at 02:00PM

Safety Guidelines for Working at Heights

Équipements JPB lays out the general safety guidelines for preventing falls while working at heights to reduce the incidence of serious or fatal accidents.

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20 December at 11:00AM

Horizontal rigid rail: safety and mobility

Life would be great if we never needed to work at height, but sometimes we simply don’t have a choice. When this is the case, it is imperative to install a good anchor system to protect from falls. Of course, the system must be solid, reliable and in good working condition, but that isn’t enough: the system must be perfectly suited to the job and the worksite, which is usually the problem. An inadequate system will not only be less practical, but will make the job more difficult and longer than necessary. In fact, if the system is difficult and cumbersome to use, the worker may choose to not use it at all.

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10 February at 02:45PM

A fall protection system for the Canadian Coast guard

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is a special federal operating agency of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. It provides key maritime services to Canadians, such as search and rescue operations and navigational aid maintenance, among others.

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22 December at 04:00PM

Fall protection equipment expertise and design

When it comes to industrial safety, fall protection tops the list. Worker safety must be your number one priority if you want to keep your daily operations running smoothly. Industrial warehouses, service workshops, factories, distribution centres, port facilities…no matter your working environment, industrial safety requires specialized knowledge and skills.

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18 November at 09:00AM

What is the best fall restraint anchor system solution?

Article 346 of the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety states that “the wearing of a safety harness is mandatory for all workers exposed to falls of over 3 m from their work stations, except if a worker is protected by some other device that ensures equivalent safety or by a safety net, or when he is only using some means of access or egress.”

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18 November at 12:00AM

Freestanding guardrails for a diamond mine

Diamond mines are few and far between on the planet, with only a handful located in Canada. It is with great pride that Les Équipements JPB was called upon by the Stonoway Diamond Corporation to design and install a freestanding rooftop guardrail on the main building of the Renard Mine, the company’s flagship asset and the first diamond mine in Quebec. Located in the James Bay region of north-central Quebec, it is the only mine in Canada with year-round access, a major asset.

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13 September at 12:00AM

The benefits of a freestanding guardrail system

Not all that long ago, installing a protective guardrail against falls was a complicated and expensive endeavour that required a concrete structure. In fact, installing a conventional guardrail system requires drilling into the surface area, which can potentially compromise a building’s seal.

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06 September at 12:00AM

Freestanding Guardrails, a winning solution!

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11 January at 01:45PM

Whether you require a lifeline, safety/debris netting, roof anchors, load testing or any other product listed on this site, Les Équipements JPB installs the best system to guarantee your safety during work at heights.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, the highly-skilled and competent Équipements JPB team can offer you personalized consulting services and fall protection solutions to meet your needs.